qooSaver brings weather and battery status to your Symbian always on lockscreen

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Into a world previously only inhabited by Symbian's 'Big Clock' and 'Nokia Sleeping Screen' comes qooSaver, an exciting new screensaver for the OS, offering a veritable wealth of extra information (including battery and weather summaries) for your always-on AMOLED lockscreen. See below for screenshots, links and details.

The 'qoo' applications are developing nicely into something of a suite that works cooperatively. And, in the process, opens up a few new functionality doors for Symbian users.

Here's qooSaver in action on my Nokia E7 (and yes, the graphic moves - slowly - to prevent burn-in of any kind on the AMOLED pixels):

qooSaver 1.1 in action

Note the information presented in always-on fashion here, a big step up from the standard Symbian screen savers. qooSaver here is showing:

  • time (a la Big Clock)
  • day and date
  • a custom message of my choice to onlookers(!)
  • the current phone profile
  • data status (e.g. 3G or Wi-fi)
  • battery charge level (in percent) and whether charging is taking place (a '+' appears, if it is)
  • the weather for tomorrow (note that you'll need to have at least v4.3.1 of qooWeather installed, too)

Here's qooSaver's configuration interface:

Screenshot, qooSaver setup and useScreenshot, qooSaver setup and use

Remember, qooSaver is a screen saver and so has to be enabled in the usual way in Settings>Themes...; (right) there's also a control panel, appearing as a regular app in the main listings. There are two pages of controls, the first of which is shown above, mostly self-explanatory.

Screenshot, qooSaver setup and useScreenshot, qooSaver setup and use

The second page of controls is more interesting, in particular the proximity settings, which let you toggle qooSaver on and off by simply waving your hand over the phone's proximity sensor, the various colour options ('magenta', shown above right), even the font and text size to be used!

Finally, the qooWeather 'shared data' line at the bottom of the above screenshot gives lie to the coolest feature here - sharing data on the weather 'now', 'today' or 'tomorrow' from qooWeather. If I had one request, it would be for a 2 or even 3-day display to be here as well.

Highly recommended for more reasons than I can count. Run, don't walk, and buy qooSaver for £1 in the Nokia Store here (plus you'll probably also want to grab the latest version of qooWeather, which plugs into it - and I'd recommend qooMail as well, at some point (watch this space).

Source / Credit: Nokia Store