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Details on linking to AAS.

We would love you to link to this site, although we would prefer you ask permission before deep linking in to a page (this means any page that is not a major section page basically; e.g. you could link to the software directory page, but unless you are the author I would rather you asked before linking to a description page). If you are unsure of the HTML to use please feel free to contact the Admin Staff or use the code below:

<A HREF="">All About Symbian - the leading site for new and information on Symbian based devices.</A>

bannerYou may also wish to use the All About Symbian Banner - please only use this when linking to the site: You should (depending on your browser) be able to save this image by right clicking on it and choosing Save Picture As... You can then use the following code to show it on your page. Remember to upload the images!

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="logo3.gif" width="284" height="56" border="1"></a>