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Brief details on advertising on the site.

Welcome to the Advertising page of All About Symbian. Here you can learn about getting your adverts on the site. Income generated from Advertising is used to help maintain the site.

All About Symbian represent an excellent advertising opportunity. It can be used for highly targeted advertising if your are interested in advertising an EPOC related product. The majority of visitors to the site are young males. There is an internetional mix of vistors with about 50% European, 20% American and 30% elsewhere in the World.

All About Symbian often recieves over eleven thousand unique visitors a day, and has current monthly totals of over half a million unique vistors. Roughly 110-120 gigabytes of information are served each month (figures for March 2003).

Types of advertising served is flexible. Some of the most sucessful campaigns have been served by the text box you can see on the top right of this page (next to search). But banner, button and forum advertising are also available.

If you are interested please contact me. Prices are negotiable and depend on targeting type, amount ordered an advertising type. Discounts are available for Shareware Applications and authors are welcome to negotiate a swap of advertising for registrations. Media pack with price guides available on request.

Click through rates vary depending on the type of advertisement, but the most sucessful have been around 5% (per unique visitor).