Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD) now available on Orange in the UK

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The 8GB variant of the Samsung i8910 HD (also known as the Omnia HD) is now available to buy on the UK operator Orange. The handset costs £97.50 on a new 18 month - £35 contract. Once the phone is available through Orange's retail partners this price will likely fall, but at the moment the i8910 is only available direct from Orange retail (limited stock) or its online store.

Omnia HD

The i8910 HD is Samsung's first S60 5th Edition phone and its headline specification is HD recording and playback. Orange are also highlighting the 8GB of internal memory and 3.7" touchscreen.

Orange is referring to the phone as the Samsung i8910 HD, presumably to avoid confusion with the Samsung Omnia (a Windows Mobile device), which it is still selling. In some markets, and possibly on other UK operators the phone will be referred to as the Samsung Omnia HD.

We'll be bringing you some detailed coverage of the Omnia HD / i8910 HD shortly, but for the time being, check out our earlier coverage, including our in-depth preview of this technology-leading handset.

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