Nokia Store passes 16 million downloads a day

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Nokia Store, the application and game download service for Nokia's Symbian and Series 40 devices, now serves more than 16 million downloads a day and has reached a cumulative total of 6 billion downloads. Just over half the daily downloads comes from Series 40 devices, with the remaining downloads mainly coming from Symbian devices.

The daily download figure for Nokia Store has continued to grow over time, but in 2012 the majority of this growth was driven by the increasing number of downloads from Series 40 devices. Despite this, Symbian devices still drive a large number of daily downloads (estimated to be around 7 million), representing a significant opportunity for developers. 

Key stats for Nokia Store

  • 16 million daily downloads
  • Over 6 billion cumulative downloads
  • More than 120,000 apps in the Nokia Store
  • More than 100,000 content items for Series 40 devices, with 25,000 content items specifically targetting Asha devices
  • More than 70,000 content items for Symbian devices (AAS estimate)
  • More than 400 developers has achieved more than 1 million downloads, more than 60 have achieved greater than 10 millions downloads, 10 have achieved more than 50 million, and 3 have passed the 100 million download mark (India Games, Pico Brother and Inode).
  • For the first billion downloads Series 40 represented 13% of total downloads, for the one billion downloads between four and five billion Series 40 represented 42%.
  • Integrated operator billing is available in 52 markets, across 145 operators.

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Charting Nokia Store downloads over time

The chart below shows the rising number of daily downloads over the last two and half years. Do note that Nokia only provides the daily download number on an occasional basis (usually once every three months), so some of the monthly figures are interpolated.

Nokia Store Downloads

Nokia says the number of cumulative downloads has now reached 6 billion. Using the figures from the chart above, and multiplying by the daily downloads the number of days in the month in question, it is possible to calculate cumulative download numbers. The chart below shows well over 6 billion downloads, but some discrepancy is inevitable given the chart is based on a relatively small sample and there will be significant variation in daily download numbers in any given time period.

Nokia Store Cumulative downloads