Live from SEE 2010

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Symbian's SEE show (Symbian Exchange and Exposition) takes place over the 9th and 10th of November in Amsterdam. Over the next two days we'll be bringing you the key news, views and information. This news story contains our live coverage, where you can see the latest photos and text updates; you can also interact with the team, asking questions and adding your own thoughts. Alternatively you can keep up to date by following our @aas account on Twitter, where we will be posting text updates and photos.

Let us know what sort of coverage you would like to see, or what questions you would like answered. You can leave a message in the comment thread, on the live service below, or on Twitter (@aas). 

Below you'll find the embed for our live coverage for SEE 2010, powered by CoverItLive. This will activate on Tuesday morning at 8:30am (GMT), but you can sign up to be reminded, in advance of the event.