Review: Personality Psychology Pro for S60 3rd Edition


What colour would you paint a rose? Are you the kind of person who checks their front door last thing at night? What were you in a past life? These and more useless questions are posed by CrazySoft's Personality Psychology Pro, a bizarre compilation of psychological questionnaires and other personality tests.

Author: CrazySoft

Version Reviewed: 1.0

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Personality Psychology Pro for S60 3rd Edition

Personality Psychology Pro title screenIf you've read a magazine within the past 10 or 20 years, the chances are that you'll have tried doing a personality test. They're almost always completely unscientific, and even those used by scientists are often of questionable value, but they can be quite fun in a throwaway sense of the word, and filling them in with friends can be a bit of a laugh.

Personality Psychology Pro is a huge bundle of various methods to supposedly reveal your true nature, some of them ask psychology-style questions, some of them ask your favourite colour, some of them just ask your birthday. The whole spectrum of ridiculousness is here.


Psychology QuestionnaireThis application contains quite a lot of content, although none of it is particularly deep. Here's the whole lot:

 - Personality Tests: This is a huge, vast series of questions requiring yes/no/maybe answers. There are five main areas covered (Introversion/Extroversion, Emotional Stability, Mastery/Sympathy, Sexuality, and Social/Political Attitudes), each of which contains 4 to 7 questionnaires, and each questionnaire contains 31 questions, giving a total of something like 200 questions in all. You have to answer every single one to get an overall picture of your personality, which is presented for each area as a graph (showing how far you are from being"normal"), and there's a text summary too. Some of the questions seem to have slightly dodgy English, and there's also the problem of double negatives where it's unclear whether you're supposed to answer yes or no. Here's an example of both: "Are you an easy-going person, not generally bother about having everything just so? Yes/No/Maybe"

Past Life  - Fun & Games: More light-hearted than the psychological tests, this section contains three different kinds of test: Graphical Tests (where you choose a favourite image or colour in pictures), Texual Tests (where you give written responses to questions) and Interactive Stories (not really tests, actually games of Consequences / Mad-Libs). This section is much closer to the kind of magazine articles mentioned earlier, and is mostly quick-and-silly stuff like choosing a car colour, along with slightly deeper things like putting animals in order of importance. Apparently if you buy a green car it means "You do not fear to work". So there you go.

 - Updates: More Fun & Games really, I'm not quite sure why they've put this in a separate section. The highlight of this part from a humour point of view is the Past Life Analysis.


This isn't a particularly useful app, and its entertainment value depends entirely on whether you're the kind of person who believes that information derived from yes/no questionnaires, dates of birth or even choices of colour can provide any kind of mirth.

The price, $16.95, is probably a bit too steep considering that most of the contents can be found as free text files on the internet. Except for displaying the graphs, this application doesn't provide very much interaction, and it's more like browsing a book than a computer program.

The application can support profiles for up to three different people, so there's definitely a potential here for passing the phone round a group of friends and then comparing results. This may well be the app's most entertaining use.

Whatever you choose to do, the important thing to remember is that this isn't a scientific application, and the best it can do is provide you with a giggle as it informs you that you were once an Etruscan trouser press dealer in a past life.

Krisse, AllAboutSymbian, 3rd May 2007

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