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Author: Digital Red

Version Reviewed: 1.01

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Nightmare the pride and joy of Digital-Red, with comments like "The most powerful game on 9210 history Let 9210 reach the top of the hardware performance" and "We will try our best to make Nightmare become the most classic game in Nokia 9210/9290." you can see that they have high hopes for this game.
My mission, to check where dreams end and the game begins ;)

Main start up screen.


Kill kill kill and kill maybe some more kill. :]

(official source: Digital-Red)
Nightmare is the first adventure game of Nokia 9210/9290. The player will act as an adventures named as Linda. The player will control Linda to explore in the five-story cellar and look for the source to terror. The game is a major product of Digital-Red after developing a number of products. Nightmare gathered the most wonderful developers and artist in Digital-Red. We will try our best to make Nightmare become the most classic game in Nokia 9210/9290.

Even the volume selection looks good :)

Bring the corpses to daddy

When I first launched the game I was very impressed by the graphics and the fast loading of the game. I proceeded to the option section (my speaker tends to be loud so I wanted to decrease the sound) and was very pleased that they even got the volume selector to look good. So, start the game already! :) Pressed start game, pressed continue, crash .. *sigh*

Eeeum ... I think I hear my mother calling ... baai now

The power to select

The main menu is like always pretty basic and includes of course a start button , a top ten button , one for options and the exit button.
The options are limited, frankly you can only set the volume but then again what more do we need ;)
After we press the start button we get a menu were we can choose to continue, start new game or to get the hell away from there. The continue button, like the name indicates, lets you continue where you left off, that was probably the reason of the crash (didn't had anything to continue from). Since I'm here to play I'll be a good boy this time and press the new game button.

Been there, killed that.

Damn I'm sexy

Ran to the mirror ... see I knew I didn't had blond hair ;) In this version of the game (Digital-Red already said they will add more characters in updates) you can only play as Linda Croft (At least I think that's here last name ;p ). Linda is a blonde babe packed with a pistol which can hold 6 bullets (displayed on the right side of the screen) and a mean backhand (think she has iron nails cause that hand can really slice up those demons) here life force is indicated by bottle with red content and percentage on the bottom right of the screen.
Of course, like in every comparable game, there are power ups which will give you your life force back(red bottle) or reload your gun(something weird :p); you'll find those power ups lying around and trust me you'll be glad when you get to them.

Linda, who just passing by Yorser town of dragon city, is an adventuress full of personality. Her smart action and biting marksmanship is admirable. Owing to her adventurer nature, he stepped into the dragon city without hesitation and made her decision to uncover the mysterious veil.


Saber Machine pistol

You won't hurt little old me would ya?

Demons .. no decency at all. In your quest you'll have to face 7 different kind of freaks with all different kind of specs. The first demons you'll be facing are a pink demon(Corpse without skin) followed with a bit stronger zombie demon(Corpse indulging in blood).
This brings me to the first negative aspect of the game .. the speed ... you'll quickly notice when walking around that the speed is lacking to really enjoy it as a fast action game, the biggest problem is (for me, I can cope with slow walking) that when Linda is performing one action the game won't accept other commands which can be very frustrated. The slow walking and slow control response will make it impossible for close encounters, you hit .. see that you've missed ... wait ... aim better .. walked to far ... walk back ... almost dead now :s ... try hitting again seem to be standing after the demon ... running away. Now of course this is not the end of the game, you could look at it as a extra difficulty that you've have to overcome. I just avoid the close encounters and position myself at a distance and wait for them to walk against my hand, or just blast a bullet between their eyes :]

The decayed corpse whose life was endow by darkness power. He regarded beings as his attacking objects, and although his action was slow, offensive force shouldn't be neglected.

Corpse indulging in blood


He was a monster. For he had no skin, his body appeared amaranth, and the flesh and blood human body was exposed in front of you entirely. His action was prompt and attacking speed was so quick that it was impossible to defend effectively.

Corpse without skin

Sharpe claws

A variance of wolf, who could step erectly and made human flesh as his main food. His incisive claws and teeth could tear the human into pieces instantly.

Wolf beast

Sharpe claws

A variance of lizard, whose body was cover with golden squamas and dragged a long tail. He is the faithful button man of prince Luka and had the strong attacking force.

Dragon evil

Steel claws

He was the corpse developed most perfectly. His posture was massive and just the same as human being. He was the strongest accessory of Luka. The only way he maintaining the human posture was sucking human blood unceasingly.

Hell messenger

Death hands

He lived in the deepest cave of Dragon City. He was sealed in the basalt under the ground thousands of years ago and after passing the disjunctive wall, he came back to Dragon City. He was the source of all darkness power and possessed mighty force. He used sharp of Terror King.

Prince Luka

Sharp of Terror King

Music was my first love

The sound effects .... drove me crazy :s Actually the sounds themselves were cool but I kept hearing a "peck" ( I think which was caused by the speaker powering up and off) which was really annoying to hear after every step.
The problem seems to be isolated to the step sound only because all the other sounds like dying demons and shooting sound good, it's just the peck after every step which really brings me down. This could be of course be fixed in a update (maybe a choice of disabling step sound but keep the rest?) . But for now ... I'll keep the volume low or none :s

Just making sure it's safe.

Now, who is the best ;)


  • 5 levels
  • Nice graphics
  • 7 demons
  • "Nice sounds"
  • And Digital-red's promise that it will do whatever it can to make the game one of the best.

    Big scary zombie dude


    File Size: 639K
    Version: 1.00
    Memory usage: 1180kb (approximate)
    Space on disk used:2.9MB

    Group photo


    A little mini diablo. Although there are a few setbacks a lot of people really seem to enjoy the game.
    I must say that if digital-Red is willing to continue and upgrade this game, it could become one of the
    best games for the 92x0. I will be awaiting the updates!

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