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Author: Ximplify

Version Reviewed: 1.x

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This review was updated on 27th May, 2002. Additions to this review made on this day are in green.

This review was updated on 28th May, 2002. Additions to this review made on this day are in blue.

Ximplify myStationary addresses a problem I've always had, but never known it! Honest, it does! It looks to provide a central point for every document type you want to create. Forget Word, sheet and other templates being dotted all over the place! If you want to create a letter, CV, database, text document, sales chart, golf score card, FAX, busness FAX, personal FAX or anything that your 9210 can create, myStationary will do it.

Your 'stationery' (effectively, a nice word for templates) is organised into 'boxes'. Fun, General and Personal are the boxes alredy included for you (with examples), but you can delete these and add your own.

Using It
Creating stationary is easy. You press CTRL+N (or use the menu) to say that you want to create new stationary and it asks on which file the new stationery is to be based. This suggests that myStationery expects you to have created this in the original application, but that's not a problem because you can edit after it has been added.

You navigate through your collection using the usual cursor combinations and create new documents by pressing ENTER while a piece of stationery is highlighted. It coldn't be easier!

Running at more than 200K, you may not have this running in the background all that time and so an option for myStationery to shut down when you've created a new document would be a nice idea. There's also a slight delay in opening stationery boxes. It's nothing particularly ball-breaking, but it is noticeable.

Nevertheless, this is a very well presented and reasonably priced application that does what it set out to do, and does it well! If only registration was as easy. You're given the option to register via 9210, but what a pain! You need to enter a code that includes your IMEI, a code retreived from myStationery, but you cannot copy it into the clipboard. After registering my copy on my PC, I was sent a registration key that's too long to fit on the license key field! I've contacted Ximplify regarding this and the issue is yet to be resolved after almost a week!

The issue has finally been resolved. An update has been released (2.03) and I can register my copy at last!!!! Now go buy your copy!

You can download a demo from the Ximplfy web site (58Kb).

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