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"I'm the unknown stuntman, that makes Eastwood look so fine." Ewan casts a nostalgic eye back at 70's action shows as he takes the title role in 'I Hate Guns'...

Author: Fun and Mobile

Version Reviewed: 1.11

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I love this game – absolutely love it. And that’s before I’ve even started playing, There is just something about the presentation on this that reminds me of the classic 16-bit platform games that the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST were famed for. We’ve got nice bright colours, we got a square jawed hereo in the mould of Lee Majors, some slick moves, clear controls… it all adds up to a platform action-adventure that’s great at passing the time.

I Hate GunsOn starting a new game, you’re presented with a graphical cut-scene, elegance in its simplicity. You answer the phone, and a mysterious stranger pops up in the top corner, like something out of a 1950’s screwball comedy, informing you that your daughter (who you never told anyone you had) has been kidnapped from her foster parents. And like the good absent father that you are, it’s time to knuckle down, hit the American Mid-West, and go get her back.

Just like Lee Majors in The Fall Guy, you’re not one for guns (hence the title), so while every one of the enemies will have some form of deadly weapon (sword, pistol, machine gun, Celine Dion CDs) you’ll be using your five deadly weapons – two hands, two feet and a brain.

As a sideways platform scroller, I Hate Guns breaks none of the rules that you have in your brain about playing these games. It is level based, you’ll be collecting jewels, coins and other items as you traverse the desert to reach your daughter – and the story continues to develop as you progress.

It’s great to see that the development team have spent time on the presentation. When you first run the game, you get a little note suggesting you play the tutorial – it’s not forced, you can go straight to the game, but I would advise it. Not only does it give you great advice (always try to travel to the left) but it takes you through the different ways to move, jump, punch and kick, happily showing you all the keys and combos to press. It eases you into the real game, and makes a huge difference. Everyone else take note.

ScreenshotOne thing I’m not happy with, but I guess in the games market it has become the nature of the beast, is that you need to supply the developer with your IMEI to unlock the game, to play it at all. There is no concession to shareware here. While I understand the sentiments behind this, I feel that keeping the tutorial available for everyone to try while leaving the actual game locked would lead to more sales as the end-user has confidence to put their money down.

But that’s the only blot on the horizon. I Hate Guns is a great diversion, plays well, looks a little nostalgic, but satisfies on most levels – while the exploring might not be that challenging, that’s not what these games are about.

NB. Nokia N93 owners should see the compatibility note on the developer web site.

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