Review: Egg Timer Touch


David Gilson goes in search of the perfect 'egg', looking at this timing utility with a critical gaze...

Author: Offscreen Technologies Ltd.

Version Reviewed: 1.0

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Egg Timer Touch is a free coundown timer for touch screen-driven S60 5th Edition phones. The interface mimicks a mechanical dial, and is complemented with haptic feedback as it is wound back. The remaining time is displayed beneath the dial.

This is a nice app that does a simple job, although there are some minor complaints. First, when the countdown has elapsed, a loud alarm sound is played, but there's no accompanying vibration. This will be fine in most cases, but not if the phone has put in a pocket with with vibrate/pager mode turned on. Secondly, while the time read-out has digits for hours, the timer only goes up to 59 minutes. The presence of these extra digits leads to the impression that winding the timer back twice would give a two hour countdown, and so on. Finally, the dial precision is limited to one minute. Again, it should be fine in most cases, but if the user really needs to time something to a fraction of a minute, they can't with this application.

A countdown timer is a basic function which is sadly missing from S60, for which Egg Timer Touch is a worthy candidate.

Egg Timer Touch for S60

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