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Quite frankly a bit strange, but the if Bulldozers are your thing, you are well catered for.

Author: LynxLabs

Version Reviewed: 1.x

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Bulldozer Reviewlet

Bulldozer, from RedLynx is another graphically sumptuous game from the same people who brought you Ski Flying.

My first thoughts are "what is in the water at RedLynx?" because the ideas they have for games are pretty off the wall. In Bulldozer, you're a happy go lucky driver of (wait for it) a Bulldozer, who's sole purpose in life is to push dead cars onto the Conveyor belt of Destruction.

Controls are like those on "Battlezone" (if you remember that far back - Rafe). So you have two forwards and two backwards. And after your first spin (literally) it becomes very instinctive.

Where Bulldozer comes into it's own in is the two player mode. As you hang onto the left of the keyboard, your best mate (who hasn't been practicing in the one player mode!) is on the right. And now it's Bulldozer vs Bulldozer, as you each try to get more cars onto your Conveyor Belt than the other one. Smashing fun! Especially when you give your soon to be not best mate a helping nudge the wrong way!

Bullodzer is almost a complete product. I reckon it is missing a few key features. The first is some sort of Computer controlled Opponent so you can play against something. The one player mode is a bit monotonous.

There are some long pause going between screens. You do get some feedback in a little square, but it still breaks the flow of the game a little.

And your 9210 has a speaker! Lets hear the destruction, the shrieking of metal on metal, the death throes of the lavender Fiat Uno... Please!!!

In conclusion, Bulldozer is worth a look for a little bit of two player action. If you play with yourself (oo-er, Ed) then I'd think very carefully before purchasing. But it's a polished bit of code, and long may the loopy ideas man from RedLynx keep bringing out apps as good as this.

Now here's a thought. RedLynx have now got a pretty good top down engine for a driving game, which can easily accommodate two players on one keyboard. If they took this as a starting point; managed to get an IrDA link to another communicator for some four player action; and went for a more traditional racing car look... they wouldn't be that far off Super Sprint. And we'd all love to play that, wouldn't we?

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