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Alien FrontDue for release this summer, All About N-Gage has had this exclusive look at Alien Front – of course an Exclusive in terms of internet reporting isn't worth much, but we'll say exclusive anyway so it looks good in the Google searches.

Anyway, Alien Front (from Sega) is one of those arcade/console games that everyone vaugly remembers, but isn't up there with Operation Wolf. In the arcade (and on the N-Gage) you are in a world where An Alien Race has decided that the Earth will be theirs. Now, if you're playing as Earth, you have to stand up to this horrible dastardly invasion. Or (in a lovely twist) if you're the Alien Invaders, you get to squash out the stupid and timid race occupying Sol 3. Take your pick!

Alien FrontWe're deep into Battlezone like territory here – whether you're fighting in your Earth bound tanks or alien walkers the whole thing is reminiscent of the classic battle games of the mid nineties. you've got lots of obstacles in the fighting arenas, and moving from arena to arena through tunnels and roads does reduce the 'level by level' feel of the game. Graphics are bright and colourful, there's little murkiness, but it remains to be seen if the sprite based approach can compare to modern expectations.

The N-Gage Arena and Bluetooth Multiplayer will draw comparisions with Alien Front Online for the Dreamcast. But as with all first person shooters getting a balance between controls, gameplay and graphics will be vital. If Sega get that spot on, then great. If not, Alien Front could sink faster than Ben Affleck guest starring on “Married with Children."

Alien Front will be available September 2004, from the usual stockist of N-Gage MMC Games.

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