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Review: Asphalt: Urban GT

The graphics are fast and smooth, you do have a sense of speed and the feel of driving on the limit. It’s well coded and the addiction level is pitched just about right. It’s good for the N-Gage, it's just not an out and out classic.

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Review: Picoblogger

Picoblogger succeeds in one of my cardinal rules of program design. Make a program do one thing really well, rather than do ten things in an average way.

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Review: Quickoffice Premier

Quickoffice is one of the most powerful sets of programs available for smartphones. Squeezing in a suite of programs that is capable of creating, viewing and editing PC compatible files is an impressive feat.

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Review: Handy Expenses

In short, this little program is a mature, efficient, easy to use expenditure tracker that could help you stop spending money on things you don't care about in favor of spending it on the things you do.

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