Nokia 701 users will be Delighted

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It's been a long seven years (last covered here), but there's at last an update to Delight CFW for the Nokia 701, bringing it up to the same level of currency as the Nokia 808. Michael 'Mivas_Greece' brings us news from the Telegram group, see below.



Michael writes:

Delight v1.1 for Nokia 701 is a full-featured equivalent to Delight v1.8 for Nokia 808!
This updated build is available on

"The best custom operating system for your Nokia smartphones ever! Delight is not just another entity of great or awesome custom firmware. It is about pushing Symbian beyond what most people have ever expected of it. New Delight also retains multilingual support, more user interface and keyboard languages can be issued by making a request. But first please check available language ROFS as well as Ovi | news feed before asking."
Please keep in mind that Delight 1.1 is an item of chimeric Belle FP2 firmware (i.e. you are flashing 113.010.1508 firmware of 808 enclosed into 113.010.1506 shell of 701). That is why you will see the 113.010.1506 version in Device Manager or elsewhere, which is only half-true. Currently, Delight 1.1 is available in English and Russian; although, you may pull a request for other language localisations. The most splendid part is as follows: if you do not like Delight for whatever reason, you can semi-downgrade to the latest Belle FP2 release (i.e. 113.010.1506) for Nokia 701 without a fuss."

Max has also planned next Delights for the other 2 devices of the last Symbian generation, Nokia 700 and 603, but he needs beta-testers, as he doesn't own these two handsets.

In other news, we have great news for the users of Google services, as we have the first stable app for online sync of Google contacts directly with the Symbian phones. GooContacts by Ilya Vysotsky supports all Symbian S^3 devices (ie last two generations of Symbian handsets), but also S60 5th edition devices. It can be downloaded from his website, where you can also find Stella Mobile (basic Telegram client), and Vika Touch and VikaMobile (VK social network clients), or directly from this link


(Steve:) Good to see all of this. Follow your nose with the links here, to investigate the new firmware, to get help on the group, and to discover new apps.

Note that I don't own a 701 anymore, so all of this is reported as-is. 

Note also that any device flashing is entirely at your own risk and that such experiments require significant tech confidence at your end - and time to learn how it all works!