Another way to make Symbian look like MeeGo

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Calling all MeeGo fans, MeeGo Evolved by Blade is yet another theme for your Symbian device, nice to have for when you start to wistfully wonder what had happened if Nokia had stuck with the Linux based platform instead of going with Microsoft's Windows Phone. The theme boasts 1,100 fonts along with plenty of user interface customisation including transparent elements.

While this may be of interest to anyone who has been yearning after an N9, but availability and personal budgets mean they're sticking with their N8, it's the massive library of icons that makes this theme shine. Not only does it customise built-in apps, but it tweaks tonnes of third party applications too. See the screenshots below.

You can find MeeGo Evolved in the Nokia Store for £1.50.

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Source / Credit: SymbianTweet