Tweetian gets full Belle compatibility, better map support, fixes and upgrades

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You may remember that, a month ago, David reviewed Tweetian, a brand new Twitter client for Symbian, created as a learning exercise in Qt? The main complaint at the time was that performance was a little jerky and that the application wasn't available for Belle devices. David then reported last week that the Belle compatibility had been sorted - except that it hadn't and there was a catastrophic bug (unable to 'back' out of a tweet). Happily, this is all now fixed and Tweetian's now up to v1.2.3, published today officially in the Nokia Store. We also now have the full changelog since the version originally reviewed.

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Tweetian is freeware and available here in the Nokia Store, meaning that you have a straight choice of free Twitter clients for Symbian - the other is TwimGo. Which one do you prefer?

Note from the developer: After install go to your profile at least once so that your profile image can show up in DM.

Changelog (since the reviewed version):

  • Huge improvement to maps:
    • You can pan around the map
    • Pinch to zoom in or zoom out
    • Added a "location mark" to indicate the tweet location
    • Added a slider to zoom if you don't like pinch zooming
    • Able to open location with Nokia Maps app
  • Country-based trending topics
  • Image upload support for TwitPicMobyPicture &
  • Pocket integration - sign in via Account tab in Settings to use it
  • TwitLonger integration - enable via Settings to use it
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe to other people list. You can also delete your own list. (Create new list not supported yet)
  • Added Suggested Users (those are suggested by Twitter, not me)
  • Added account tab in Settings for sign in/sign out from Twitter & Pocket account
  • Image preview for TwitGoo
  • Removed timeline & mentions auto jumping on startup & after new tweet loaded
  • Added last update time when pulling down to refresh
  • Improved smoothness when scrolling
  • Added Twitter's Privacy Policy & Terms of Use
  • The timestamp and source for a retweet is now from the retweet instead of the original tweet
  • Fixed - Unable to preview the image for uploading (might not fully fixed)
  • Fixed - Unable to load favourites & list timeline (keeps on loading)
  • Fixed - Back button became disabled when viewing a tweet
  • A lot other minor bugs fixed/UI changes/performance improvement that you probably won't notice
  • Predictive text now working
  • Improve positioning (may takes longer time)

Tweetian is now a serious contender for your Twitter needs on Symbian - my main remaining complaint is that the text font used is quite small and there's no way to raise it. It's readable on the 4" screens of the E7 and 808, but too small on the N8 etc. If @DicksonBeta could possible get round to adding a font size option in Settings? 

Source / Credit: Dickson's Apps