Whatsapp updates continue, ex-Store, of course

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Whatsapp, despite being a pretty core Symbian application for many people, hasn't been in the Nokia Store for many months, so the freezing of the latter didn't cause it to skip a beat. This is something of a placeholder link of interest, but I did note that there's yet another in its series of regular app updates, this time to version 2.11.265. 

LogoFrom Nokialino:

There is a new update of WhatsApp for Symbian devices that switch to version 2.11.265 

For those unfamiliar with the app, WhatsApp is a popular cross-platform application for texting and sending multimedia content (photos, videos, GPS location, etc..) Via the Internet, based on telephone numbers (no need to sign up and then automatically detects who among Our contact has the same application).

As usual, no changelog is not available, if you notice improvements let us know!

Screenshot, WhatsappScreenshot, Whatsapp

(Screens from our last Whatsapp story. For complicated reasons, I just can't face running Whatsapp at all!)

The new version of the app can be downloaded from the official Whatsapp website, as will future versions, of course.

The supported Symbian UIs/platforms are the usual S60 3rd edition, S60 5th edition and Symbian^3, Anna and Belle.

I wonder which other Symbian applications you consider 'core' to your day to day life that should perhaps be kept updated outside the frozen Nokia Store and which perhaps aren't? Worth you dropping the developer a line and letting them know that a) you're still keen for updates, and b) the likes of AAS is still keen to give them publicity for such efforts?

Source / Credit: Nokialino