fMobi updated again, Chat, Mail and event invites now working again

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You may remember that we highlighted a big Facebook compatibility update for fMobi recently? Not working in v3.6 were Facebook Mail and Chat, but with this update, v3.61 both are now functional again and compatible with the changes made at Facebook's end. So, if you're a heavy Facebook fan, run, don't walk to update, etc.

The changelog for v3.61 reads as:

  • More Facebook API change fixes
  • Mail and Chat should work again
  • Event invites should be available

Good stuff, I gave v3.61 a spin and can confirm that all is OK again. Or at least until the next time Facebook plays silly beggers with its APIs....

Screenshot, fMobiScreenshot, fMobi

Great to see fMobi keeping up....; Facebook Mail/Messages is working again - hooray!

Screenshot, fMobiScreenshot, fMobi

Also now working again are event invites...

You can buy or update fMobi here now.

Comments welcome - do you use Facebook? If so, do you use fMobi or a mobile web version? Or even Nokia Social?

Source / Credit: Nokia Store