fMobi updated to work with latest Facebook API changes

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fMobi, reckoned by many to be the best Facebook client on Symbian, has been out of action for weeks, but it's now back and working, thanks to the new v3.6 update which is 'updated to work with latest Facebook API changes', according to the ultra-minimalist changelog. Service-level changes are a fact of life in the modern world and few people like them, but at least Facebook's latest overhaul hasn't left this developer totally in the dust. Buy or update fMobi here now.

Here are a few screens of the new version of fMobi back in action, with some notes:


fMobi is back!! The main menu shows notifications, plus this clear graphical layout. Settings is, obviously, on the toolbar.


Browsing through my Facebook friend list, plus (right) browsing my Facebook news feed...


As usual, you can dive into a friend's wall and photos - shown right is AAS-friend Donna's new baby - congratulations!


I did like the way Facebook profile images are handled (left), all with the optional dark theme here. (right) One glitch I found was that my Facebook Messages didn't work properly, with an endlessly spinning 'busy' indicator. Bug? Or issue at Facebook's end?

Good stuff (with just the one caveat mentioned above). You can buy or update fMobi here now.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store