Quake Map keeps you abreast of world-shaking events

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It's true that there are other ways to get earthquake news on Symbian - Nokia's own 3D World Gaze springs to mind - but this Quake Map is a more dedicated tool, arguably let down only by the speed of loading of its public domain maps. Screens and link below.

Now, the APIs to get earthquake information are free, so as expected Quake Map itself is also free, though there are opening and closing 'ad' screens to net the developer a little beer money - which is fair enough.

Screenshot, Quake MapScreenshot, Quake Map

As you might expect, the main interface is map-based, with four levels of zoom, a draggable map and little circles to indicate quake detection - the larger and 'hotter' the dot, the bigger the quake. 

Screenshot, Quake MapScreenshot, Quake Map

The zoom control icons indicate that we're not talking multitouch smoothness here - in fact the zoom levels are so coarse that, in order to zoom in accurately, you have to be equally accurate with the centring of the map (see the outline of a circle in the middle, above-left). The menu, bottom-left pops up the three options shown - 'Locate' centres the map around your current location, while 'Latest' goes straight to the most recent detected quake, wherever it may be. In this case, Alaska, albeit 90km deep

Screenshot, Quake MapScreenshot, Quake Map

Detailed information on any quake is always popped up at the top of the screen, as shown. Seeing quakes mapped graphically, above-left, really brings home where the trouble spots are across the globe! You can cycle through quakes by tapping or using the nudge arrows at the bottom of the screen. Map loading isn't blazingly fast, but good enough for the typical quake watcher's use. Notice the 'breaking news' icon, top left, when zoomed out...

Screenshot, Quake MapScreenshot, Quake Map

This brings up a few screens of latest stats and is always up to date. Finally, if you get a 'new message' while using Quake Map, don't be fooled - it's just another ad and, in my view, an advertisement too far (shame on the developer) - just ignore it.

You can download Quake Map for free here in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store