Fixing up some old 'Pimping' articles: N82, E72, N86, N96

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It came to my attention recently that many of the links in my older 'Pimping' articles on All About Symbian had now broken, usually because the downloads they linked to no longer exist. Plus there was the odd nugget of information which was not valid anymore. I can't promise all new text, but I have at least gone through the following four articles and made sure all the software links are fixed or replaced: Pimping the Nokia N82, Pimping the Nokia E72, Pimping the Nokia N86, Pimping the Nokia N96.

Nokia E72

This 'pimping' series is looking at hardware which is one or two steps from the cutting edge, yet with a little loving care can be brought well and truly into the 2011 smartphone world. In this case, it's the turn of the phenomenal Nokia E72, which offers a fixed, traditional QWERTY physical keyboard in a one piece, robust form factor, plus a realistic battery life (with the 1500mAh BP-4L) of three days of normal use, something which most 2011 units could only dream of.

Full article links:

Pimping the Nokia N82 (candybar, indestructible, Xenon flash)

Pimping the Nokia E72 (qwerty candybar, 3 days battery life)

Pimping the Nokia N86 (first 8mp camera, large sensor, best dual slider ever made)

Pimping the Nokia N96 (2.8" S60 screen, terrific visibility)