BBC mobile site revamp now complete

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You may remember that I posted here two months ago about a new BBC mobile web site that was in beta testing? The test is finished, it seems, with a roll out of the final version of this new design today. Note that some linked pages are still in the old design, but it largely holds together. At least all links now stay within the 'mobile' world. A couple of screenshots below to whet your interest. To try the new page, just visit on your smartphone.

If for any reason you get the full site, then go to explicitly!


From the BBC Internet blog:

I’m proud to announce the mobile homepage has come out of its Beta mode into a full launch and is now available at The old mobile homepage wasn’t meeting our users increased needs and expectations. We wanted to improve this experience and bring it more in line with the desktop version which launched at the end of last year. You can read the full rationale behind the product, market context and also the key features in my last blog post.

During the beta period we were able to track usage and could see how people were using the product. Hundreds of thousands of people have visited the page and were able to see that of our beta test users, a third used the location setting and one in nine customised their content.

Extra specialist areas have also now been added, including 'Technology' and 'F1', plus some new functionality, too:

  • Location auto detect – Automatically detecting your location to bring you local news and weather.
  • Breaking news and sport
  • Four column layout – this will offer a better experience for users on new wider screen phones

You can give the Beeb feedback on the new design directly on Twitter using the #bbchomepage hashtag.

Source / Credit: BBC Internet Blog