AAS Insight #153: Nokia strategy changes, Symbian impact

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In this podcast, we talk in depth about February 11th's momentous strategy change for Nokia in terms of its smartphone ambitions. What does the new alliance with Microsoft and Windows Phone mean for Symbian? What will happen to allaboutsymbian.com? Will we see WP7 backported to the Nokia E7? (short answer: no!) These and many other questions are answered as best we can, with Rafe giving specific feedback from the presentations at the London event.

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Show Notes

  • Textual information about what was announced is in the main story from 11 Feb 2011 here
  • Please note that this podcast is a joint one with All About Meego (Rafe and David normally handle this), since Nokia's decisions affect both platforms and both sites.
  • You can be sure that the issues raised in this podcast will be talked about in future podcasts and editorials, but we wanted to keep this one under an hour!
  • In the short term (months, in theory), the flow of updates and new Symbian devices (probably announced tomorrow at MWC) shouldn't be affected, so stay tuned to All About Symbian for regular content - we're not going anywhere.

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