A way forward for qooApps and qooWeather

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The commercial 'qoo' applications have been very popular for Symbian in recent years, but external factors have forced something of a rethink from the developer. With service APIs changing (e.g. used by qooWeather, which no longer works), and with the Nokia Store frozen (and thus no way for developers to issue updates) and soon to close altogether, the main 'qoo' developer has followed the line of other Symbian programmers and signalled his intent to issue all applications as freeware for CFW* phones, in exchange for a donation (of any size). See below for a quote.

*CFW = Custom FirmWare, essentially replacing the existing Nokia OS and applications image in the phone's flashable ROM with a tweaked OS and extra applications. For example, featured by me here.

From the qooApps site:

Project 'Free Symbian qooApps'

Once there were some intractable problems with the Symbian Apps, I 've decided to put the apps in the future as a free, updated apps available here. Everything that you need is to use a custom firmware, like Delight 6.4.

Please support my work. All donors will receive a preliminary version before christmas'14 and they can send me new ideas or issues regarding the apps. Simply send an email with your name after your donation.

Of all the qoo applications, qooWeather was one I've used on every Symbian phone up to the current day. It stopped working/updating on Wednesday last week, due to a small API change in its third party data source - the developer is hoping to fix things in an 'unsigned' application that will install happily on any phone with custom firmware. Happily, this means most enthusiasts still reading this - so if you want to see qooWeather and the other apps fixed then please think about linking through and making the developer a small donation and/or encouragement.

Source / Credit: qoo