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I thought many AAS readers might be interested to note that yesterday on Phones Show Chat, I spent an hour (with Ted Salmon and Andy Large) interviewing David Wood, the guy who helped start Symbian and who was its chief architect for much of its life. We touched on Series 60, UIQ, Series 80 and 90, Symbian^3, as well as wider platform matters. And, for the record, David's favourite ever Symbian devices was the QWERTY-based E61!

David's bookThe podcast can be heard here, embedded, over on my site, or you can grab the MP3 directly here.

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We also covered David's recent commercial ebook, covering a decade of Symbian - an amazing read for any Symbian enthusiasts, almost the A-Z of the ups and downs of the OS over the last decade and a half.

From my earlier trailer:

David Wood is something of a legend in the Symbian world, having been one of the architects of Symbian's predecessors, Psion's SIBO and then EPOC/32 operating systems, and then being intimately involved with the OS throughout the 2000s. If anyone was going to 'write the book' on Symbian then David's the man. 

...Peppered with quotes, press release extracts, internal meeting slides, and so on, 'Smartphones and Beyond' isn't a light read, but for anyone who's genuinely interested in what went right and what went wrong inside this industry, David's book is well worth looking out for...

The book is now out in electronic form, at least, for the Kindle, here on the UK site and International (US) site



Source / Credit: Phones Show Chat