WhiteList Mobile and BlackList Mobile now free for Symbian

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Yep, if you haven't already got AppList installed on your modern Symbian device then you're missing out - new and revived applications are being added every single day to this new, 2014 application store for the OS. In this case, two existing, previously commercial telephony utilities have been reissued and are now free downloads within AppList.

Open up AppList (see here just in case you haven't already got this installed or if this is new to you) and you'll see new applications added to the system, among them WhiteList Mobile and BlackList Mobile - I tried out the latter:


The two new tools in AppList this morning (PS. check out the swish icons!), both available as a free download, here's the description page for WhiteList Mobile...


I plumped for BlackList Mobile - as you'd expect, this allows you to specify particular contacts or numbers that you don't want to allow 'through'.


Two particular numbers blocked successfully here; (right) you'd probably want to turn on autoboot, so that you don't have to remember to start this utility after powering on your phone....

The installs are only a few seconds from AppList. Again, get the Store here if you haven't already got it in place. I installed the app above on my custom firmware 808 (Delight), so comments welcome on these apps and other recent additions on 'stock' Nokia firmware.

Source / Credit: AppList