UniPlaner, an AppList exclusive, manage your studies and school schedule

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Of note in the new Symbian applications appearing daily in AppList is one written by AppList's own developer, apparently for his own use as a university student. UniPlaner fairly slick, albeit with a somewhat hierarchical structure that needs some getting used to. See below for more.

The problem being solved is the age old one of keeping track of all your lectures and study sessions, along with notes for each. From the AppList Store description:

With UniPlaner You can easily manage your studies or school schedule on your smartphone. Add Your subjects and then add various dates and events for each subject, with additional information like tutor, room, subject and date specific notes, calendar weeks, day and time data.

UniPlaner supports a 6-day-week (see Settings) and displays your schedule based on the calendar week You are currently in. Switch between days by using the TabBar at the bottom or by simply swiping. Press on an event to see Your notes.

To be added:
- Import and export functions

Here's a brief walkthrough:

UniPlaner screenshotUniPlaner screenshot

New in AppList on Symbian!; (right) in action, showing sessions for a specific day....

UniPlaner screenshotUniPlaner screenshot

Subjects and events need setting up, but once in place a lot of the presentation becomes automatic... Oh yes, and I'm sure Sebastian will put in a proper 'colour picker' at some point!

UniPlaner screenshotUniPlaner screenshot

Adding notes on any event will cause them to be popped up when needed, either as reminders or follow-up text....

Clearly something of a version 1.0 application, there's potential here, especially in Symbian's somewhat app-starved ecosystem.

You can grab this for free in the AppList StoreWhat do you mean, you haven't got this installed? Go do it now!

Source / Credit: AppList