Pocket Transit - new surveyor's tool for Symbian

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New to me on Symbian is Pocket Transit, free for all devices in the AppList Store. No, it's nothing to do with public transport and is, in fact, a Geological and Engineering Compass. In other words, a fancy surveyor's tool - a nice lateral thinking use of a Symbian smartphone! And, I might add, going rather well on the Nokia 808 with the great camera for snapping things that need to be recorded....

You can find Pocket Transit here in the AppList Store. What do you mean, you haven't got this installed? Go do it now! Oh, go on then, it's also free in the frozen Nokia Store too, as of the end of last year, etc.

From the AppList Store entry:

Pocket Transit is a Geological and Engineering Compass. Pocket Transit measures and records strike, dip, trend and plunge. Data can be visualised on map and stereonet displays, and can be transferred to other devices via bluetooth.

Although I can't pretend to know that much about surveying, I gave Pocket Transit a brief walkthrough:

Screenshot, Pocket TransitScreenshot, Pocket Transit

Pocket Transit popped up as a new application in AppList here; (right) starting up, with a graphic fading in tastefully....

Screenshot, Pocket TransitScreenshot, Pocket Transit

After calibration, you're good to go, with both the digital compass in the phone and the accelerometers/gyros delivering useful data...

Screenshot, Pocket TransitScreenshot, Pocket Transit

Ah yes, I was wondering what S, D, T and P stood for! (right) a map mode is also included, starting at street level but zoomed out here for privacy reasons....

Screenshot, Pocket TransitScreenshot, Pocket Transit

No, I've no idea what's going on here either - but it looks pretty, so....(!); (right) using a Nokia smartphone as a theodolite - pretty cool!

Grab Pocket Transit for free here in the AppList Store. And comments welcome if you're a surveyor and/or this just saved the day!

Source / Credit: AppList