Google HD update delivers UI tweaks, split screen keyboard and fixes

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You'll remember that I featured Google HD for Symbian a month ago, showing how it gave a viable way into official Gmail, Google Maps and more? It just got updated, with the changelog shown below. Several significant improvements, along with some reassurances from the developer.

Here's the changelog for v1.8.6 from version 1.5.0:

  • Many bugs fixed
  • Split screen keyboard
  • Links open in default web browser
  • Statusbar can be set to visible
  • Minor UI changes

Here's Google HD in action:

Screenshot, Google HDScreenshot, Google HD

Getting started with Google HD, which gets slicker and slicker...

Screenshot, Google HDScreenshot, Google HD

Split keyboard entry seems fine, albeit complicated by me using Swype here...; (right) the main Settings screen, all very graphical...

Screenshot, Google HDScreenshot, Google HD

Browsing Google+ and switching Google 'modules'....

Given its reliance on specific URLs and browser user agents, I did wonder about updates for Google HD through 2014, what with the Nokia Store freeze-out. Happily, the developer, Koonooz, confirms:

Yes, Google HD support updates out of Nokia Store, it auto-checks for updates and lets a user know when there is an update available, the updates will be available to download from my own server. 

Future updates will be distributed as self-signed apps, apparently - these install in the same way as other SIS files, though with an extra dialog to tap your way through. 

The developer notes that all of his other Symbian apps are self-updating for 2014 too, in case you fancy trying them too: