ThOR update gains it new features and self-sustaining updates

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It's been almost two months since the last update to the news reader ThOR, but it's back and, like a few other Symbian classics, appears to be self-updating for the future - no Nokia Store (necessarily) needed. The full changelog is below, along with a few screens.

ThOR is, if you remember, a client for a number of popular news aggregators. The changelog for v1.0.5 (over and above v1.0.4, reported on here) is:

  • Checks if a new version is available. ThOR will continue to be updated
  • Thumbnails on articles list
  • New setting: auto Readability
  • New setting: auto mark as read articles scrolled out
  • ScrollToTop button visible when flicking article upwards
  • Better handling of wide images
  • Minor bug fixes

Here are a few screens of the new version in action:

ThOR screenshotThOR screenshot

When started, ThOR instantly checks for updates.... and then brings up some Spanish! Hopefully the update alerts will be more internationalised as time goes on!

ThOR screenshotThOR screenshot

Auto Readability is now a setting (this strips out everything that you might not want in terms of original web rendering); (right) display of stories within a feed now has thumbnails for each...

ThOR screenshotThOR screenshot

A story displayed with the dark theme, in Readability mode - all very clear and efficient; (right) unread story counts here in The Old Reader (which I don't use much anymore, so the numbers are maxed out!)....

You can buy or update ThOR here in the Nokia Store. During 2014 this version will hopefully auto-update to any new version, if one is available.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store