PhotProc reaches the big v1.0!

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Via The PureView Club, we find out that PhotProc, the intensive Nokia 808 image post-processing tool, finally made it to the big v1.0.0. It's still with the somewhat awkward name and you still have to sideload it, though maybe the latter will become the norm because of Nokia's shock news about support for its Store. The changelog is below, the app is well worth a free download for any Nokia 808 owners...

The changelog for PhotProc v1.0.0 (over and above 0.9.9, which we reported on previously):  

  • Added: colour tint just dark areas of the image       
  • Improved: Some of the contrast and shadow lightening uses a different formula, which seems to work much better than the previous formula       
  • Improved: The shadow, clip dark and denoise sliders are more sensitive around low levels so you have greater control over low levels of filtering       
  • Improved: Sensitivity of the dynamic range slider around small changes in range       
  • Improved: Error reporting in the main window       
  • Improved: Shutdown is faster when currently processing a preview image

Confusingly, the downloads page lists two SIS files, the same size - I picked the first one at random and it worked fine.

Here's PhotProc 1.0 in action:


My impressions of PhotProc, after another session with the UI, is that its main struggle is against screen real estate - trying to implement a function-filled, button-based UI on a nHD screen is very hard. I do wonder whether a more traditional menu-based UI might have been less cluttered and more usable? Comments welcome!


The sheer number of things you can fiddle with in photos is impressive, though note that each will add another 30 seconds or more to the eventual rendering/processing time when it comes to saving your new JPG...

Source / Credit: PureView Club