EasyStreetView update brings pan control and GPS support

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As I covered recently, EasyStreetView is a relatively fast and efficient way of exploring Google Maps in a twin maps/StreetView interface. Not content to rest on his laurels, the developer ('BurningPlatform') has updated it today, with the facility to go straight to your own location. It's not clear why anyone would want this in real world useage, but it was apparently a popular request! In addition, there's better support for panning the StreetView imagery, with a control you can rotate.

The official changelog for v1.1 is just:

  • GPS support ("GPS Location" option in the menu to get the user's location)
  • PanControl added to the Street View, acting as a simple compass to show the current heading and letting you swivel the viewpoint quickly

Here's v1.1 in action:

Screenshot, EasyStreetViewScreenshot, EasyStreetView

Good to see developers adding change information into the apps themselves - next needs to be a facility to auto-update after January 1st 2014! Right, the main interface, note the extra compass control, top-left in the StreetView - this is both informational and interactive!

Screenshot, EasyStreetViewScreenshot, EasyStreetView

GPS Location, on the menu, brings you right back to where you are, obviously; (right) the Help screen/pane

Very slick and highly recommended. You can download or update EasyStreetView here in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store