Four PureView photographers you should know

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A nice idea from The PureView Club's Marc here, picking out his four favourite 'PureView' photographers, along with links and examples of their work. Spanning the Nokia 808 on Symbian and the Lumia 925 and 1020 on Windows Phone mainly, the men, the photos and their galleries are all worthy of bookmarking by anyone with an enthusiasm for where Nokia have been taking camera phones.

From Marc's post:

Since I’ve started the PureViewClub, I’ve come to know many extremely talented photographers whose work I admire. I see of it as an inspiration (and seeing it sure is a frustration at times, too :-). If you are a longtime visitor of the club, chances are you know these photographers already, I know. I guess it won’t hurt to show some of their brilliant work again.

So this post has no “news”, just beauty, captured with Nokia’s PureView devices. I made my selection of their shots as diverse as possible and link to what they are offering on Flickr. Clicking on the shot will take you to the original. You’ll see two shots from each photographer.

Here are my two favourites from his selection:

First up: David Detko from Hungary. He recently shared an absolutely mind-blowing shot from the Nokia Lumia 925 (like me, he got a trial version from Nokia Connects). The guy must be able to walk on water to get a shot like this.

David Detko

I've attempted and pulled off several trick shots like this, albeit with far less spectacular locations. When looking around at the world, see if you can spot interesting vantage points (and/or vehicles) that will let you pull off photos that will leave people scratching their heads ("How on earth did he shoot that?")

Here's another great PureView-shot photo:

Another photographer whose work I admire is Daniel Cheong, who also offers a vast selection of great shots on Flickr. In his Twitter profile he writes: “Passionate about photography and high technology, Digital Blending freak, ‘Straight Out Of the Camera’ is a concept which I am not familiar with :-)” .

So he post-processes all his shots, and with great results I must say. I’d like to share one other shot he got from the Nokia Lumia 1020. You may know this scene already since it was used in the Nokia N8. Years ago he shot it for Nokia with a DSLR, this time he made a similar shot of the same scene, with the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Daniel Cheong 2

It's well known that I've been opposed to the sort of image processing that gets applied in posting to the likes of Instagram - downsizing to VGA and making photos look like they were shot 50 years ago, you know what I mean. But creatively post-processing full resolution photos to bring out details and colours isn't necessarily bad, especially if done well, as above. 

The processing above was done on a desktop, but don't forget that you can do a lot or full resolution enhancement on the phone as well. On Symbian, the supplied 'Photos' system has a comprehensive editor built-in, plus there's the third party tool PhotProc, while on Windows Phone there are third party editors like Fhotoroom.

You can read the full list of photographers and examples here at The PureView Club.

Source / Credit: PureView Club