S60 5th Edition SkyDrive upload beta gets pulled

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Well, Nokia Beta Labs didn't leave that trial open for long - the S60 5th Edition SkyDrive uploader beta has now been pulled, with Nokia citing 'not enough feedback'. It does rather seem as if this was more a trial of how practical it is to roll out Qt-based apps to older devices with limited C drives, mind you. Quote, etc. below for your interest.

From today's post:

Upload to SkyDrive was published to Nokia Beta Labs because we wanted to get more information on how much memory users have available in their devices after all the updates and application installations they have done. Upload to SkyDrive is a rather small application itself, but requires the Qt components to be installed on the device, and there was a concern if those as bundled would consume too much memory.

The Upload to SkyDrive team would like to thank all the trial participants for the feedback we got. Unfortunately we were not able to get solid data due to the small amount of feedback. Therefore we have decided not to go ahead with official publishing of Upload to SkyDrive.

Thank you for your time and effort in testing and providing feedback!

Best regards,
The Upload to SkyDrive team

As you know, I had problems getting it on my old test device, though I'm not surprised that the level of interest was very low - the number of keen Symbian fans who still run S60 5th Edition devices must now be very low indeed. In case you still wanted to try the uploader (covering Contacts and Photo uploading) and have a compatible device, I've archived the installer here as skydrive_betalabs_v10.2.19.sisx. Just don't complain if it crashes for you, even Nokia Beta Labs isn't proceeding with this tool now.

Screenshot, SkyDrive uploaderScreenshot, SkyDrive uploader

You may remember my own experiments with the N97, concluding that you can have a fast and fairly usable device or Qt, but not both! Qt is best left to the Symbian^3 generation and beyond, so it's probably just as well that this particular Beta Labs project has been canned.

Source / Credit: Nokia Beta Labs