CameraPro Qt gets another bump, with menu customisation

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Harald Meyer's camera-focussed(!) apps on Symbian are somewhat legendary, finding ways to capture shots with settings and combinations that aren't available with the built-in Camera applications. CameraPro started out as a native Symbian binary for all nHD-resolution smartphones, but this Qt variant is optimised for the faster Nokia 808 PureView and 700/701, with 1GHz+ processors. CameraPro Qt (ignore the '3.2' bit in the Nokia Store name) got updated today, to v3.3.3, with the possibility to remove menu buttons that you don't use, plus there's support for files over 4GB on exFAT memory cards. Details below.

Here's the changelog over v3.3.2 (which we reported on here):

  • Added entry to remove/rearrange individual menu buttons (in "arrange menus")
  • Added option to record video files bigger than 4GB without splitting (caution: can produce corrupt videos on non-exFAT drives)
  • Added option to close CameraPro when screen lock enabled/background, to save battery power
  • Added option for acceleration sensor calibration
  • Bug fixes

Here are screens of v3.3.3 in action:

CameraPro Qt screenshot

As ever, CameraPro QT includes some output resolutions that aren't available in the standard Camera app, here demoed on the Nokia 808 PureView

CameraPro Qt screenshot

The thumb-optimised interface works very well, once you've got used to where everything is...

CameraPro Qt screenshot

The new battery saving option, should you forget to exit CameraPro Qt properly...

CameraPro Qt screenshot

Accelerometer calibration (used in the virtual horizon aid)

CameraPro Qt screenshot

Some of the last options available on the Arrange Menu feature, for each button position

The button customisation is a little clunky, in that you can't drag and drop them around - instead you have to tap on a button position and then pick a function from a drop down menu (including a 'disable' option). Plus, having disabled a button (e.g. to get a cleaner UI), you have to reset all buttons to defaults to get emptied positions back in action. Still, it does work.

Note that CameraPro Qt's settings are a little fragile - if you experience a crash, then use a file manager utility to delete 'c:\data\.config\Tequnique\QCameraPro.conf' and then restart the app.

Despite the minor UI glitches, this is still highly recommended for camera fiddlers, it's an update or a £3 purchase in the Nokia Store here.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store