Don't try THIS at home: replacing the Nokia 808 PureView's display

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You may remember that my Nokia 808 underwent a few dismantling adventures recently, culminating in me having to replace the speaker with (the same) one from my old Nokia N95? One of the things that happened to it (off camera) was that initial attempts by expert repairman LE55ONS to dismantle the screen resulted in the latter cracking. Which is why it's good to see his video now up (and embedded below) showing how to get such a cracked screen replaced without incident. It still looks hairy though, so note that a) a repair by Nokia under warranty is five million times safer and b) you really, really shouldn't try this at home. Still - great geek porn, as usual by the master.

As usual, you might want to up the quality and maximise the playback window, for best results. Sit back and watch how this should be done!

Again though, I'd emphasise that, despite my declarations that the Nokia 808 is actually very 'repairable', you'd be crazy to take on any of this if your 808 was still under warranty. And note that the general repairs (e.g. speaker) are far easier to accomplish than the screen replacement shown above!

Source / Credit: YouTube