And so it begins again... a new Nokia Suite beta track, v3.8, is a go...

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And so a whole new beta track of Nokia Suite starts for Windows, a new version of the connection software for Symbian and S40 phones, enabling backup, sync and updates. The changelog is listed below, in case any of the bullet points hit an issue you were having. You may remember we reported on the recent stable version - which is still the one I'd recommend for most people.

You can download the new Nokia Suite beta here.

Here's the changelog (from the stable v3.7.x):

  • Numerous error corrections, especially in maps view, messaging view and in backup&restore.
  • Fix for calendar sync issue with S40 phones, when phone and PC is located in timezone, where Daylight Saving Time (DST) is applied in winter (for example Australia).
  • Several improvements for content migration to Microsoft SkyDrive. We have fixed several issues related to Microsoft SkyDrive migration, this improves overall reliability of migrating data from Symbian, Meego and S40 phones to Microsoft SkyDrive.
  • Several fixes for various crashes. 

You can also provide feedback through Nokia Betalabs discussion forums. However, the preferred way of providing feedback is Nokia Suite's own feedback dialog. Instructions for bug reporting can be found here.

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Source / Credit: Nokia Beta Labs