Front Camera 808 gives easy, but low-res results

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You may remember that I featured Qt Camera Demo and SCam recently, as possible ways of accessing the secondary camera on the Nokia 808 PureView? Here's Front Camera 808, a slightly slicker method, albeit in commercial form and producing low-res results. In the interests of completeness though, here are some screenshots, comments and a link.

Here's Front Camera 808 in action:


Interestingly, there are not one, but two front camera modes in this application. This is mirror mode, reversing the captured image (and the live viewfinder) to show you roughly what a mirror would. The second camera icon is the traditional camera mode, plus video capture, of course.


The Settings let you choose which disk to save on - the Gallery mode just toggles between opening the normal Symbian Gallery and opening it already in 'marking' mode, for sharing multiple images.


It's a nice idea to let the front camera have its own application, but the photos seem to be limited to QVGA resolution (i.e. very low), when the hardware itself supports VGA, which seems a little odd. Ditto video capture, with the hardware supporting VGA at 30fps and the output from Front Camera 808 coming in at 'VideoCD' resolution, i.e. 352 x 288 pixel frames.

Maybe Michael can improve this in a future version? VGA is low enough already for stills without having its resolutions halved! In the meantime, you can buy Front Camera 808 for £1 here in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store