Qt Camera Demo offers alternative UI for either camera - and with RGB histograms!

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With the Belle FP2 Camera app changes, I highlighted SCam recently as a way of getting access to your phone's front camera again. Turns out, from a link in the comments to that story, that Nokia's Qt Camera Demo application also does this - with bells on, also providing an alternative UI for the main camera too, along with a rull RGB colour histogram, something Nokia's final app doesn't give you. Worth a look! Screenshots below.

You can grab Qt Camera Demo here, though note:

  • it only works on the Nokia 603, Nokia 700, Nokia 701 and Nokia 808 PureView, for technical reasons.
  • it doesn't know anything about the 808's PureView processing, so treats the 38MP sensor as a traditional grid - so captured images are huge.

Here's the secondary camera at work:

Qt Camera Demo screenshot

And here's the more extensive UI for the primary (rear) camera - you can alter almost everything, though again I'd remind you about the lack of PureView awareness on the 808:

Qt Camera Demo screenshot

As part of the whole 'demo' thing, there's also a full RGB histogram (i.e. Red, Blue, Green and White histograms, all overlaid and updated in real time), along with visual highlighting of areas of the image that are brightness-saturated:

Qt Camera Demo screenshot

Note the red peak in the histogram because of the inclusion of the red Lumia in the shot, plus the blown out white from the Mac monitor...

Very interesting at the very least, and worth installing if you didn't like SCam and if you wanted front camera access again? Comments welcome.

Source / Credit: Nokia Developer Projects