LockscreenAudio Beta puts music controls on your lockscreen

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One rather nice feature on some Android and Windows Phone implementations is that when music (or podcasts) are playing, media controls are superimposed on the lockscreen. Now, it may well be that you control music on your Symbian smartphone with a hardware set of buttons in your headset, or it maybe that you never really see the lockscreen, preferring to use the side keylock switch instead, but if neither of those scenarios apply to you then lockscreen controls may well be a useful time saver. LockscreenAudio Beta is free 'for a limited time' in the Nokia Store.

Here's LockscreenAudio Beta in action:

Screenshot, LockscreenAudioScreenshot, LockscreenAudio

Very simple to set up, there's just the choice of button style and whether to autostart LockscreenAudio when your phone it started up...

Screenshot, LockscreenAudioScreenshot, LockscreenAudio

Two of the four button styles, shown when music is playing, superimposed on the lockscreen. Note also the artist and track confirmation.

I did encounter some instability, in that the swipe down notification pane on my Nokia N8 became unusable at one point - restarting Lockscreen Audio solved the problem. Still, as the name suggests, this is very much still in 'beta' and no doubt the developer would welcome some feedback.

LockscreenAudio Beta is free in the Nokia Store now.