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Back in August we reviewed FastTube v2.0, concluding that it was great to have competition in the YouTube client space, with only some concerns over UI and advertisement policy. Since then, FastTube has been continually developed, improving the UI, adding a paid-for, ad-free version and also keeping up with the changes in YouTube's APIs. Links and screens below, from the new version 2.4.4, in case you're not already a CuteTube fan!

From our initial review:

Choice is never a bad thing and that's why we're glad to see another YouTube client for Symbian. FastTube is free of charge and provides Hi-Definition streams (where available) and downloads from YouTube to your Symbian device. Here we put FastTube under the microscope and see what else it offers and how it compares to the competition.

FastTube immediately presents a user interface similar to the YouTube mobile website, which is nice from the point of view of a consistent experience, whether you use this app or the mobile website. The downside, however, is that it is necessarily in a white background which will eat more power from the AMOLED displays on Symbian devices. I can see the day when developers will start campaigning for LCD-based displays so they don't have to worry about power consumption when choosing their colour schemes!

Here's the new version 2.4.4 in action:

Screenshot, FastTubeScreenshot, FastTube

Opening screen, choosing default country and browsing the usual YouTube filters. Note the clever ad system now used by inner-active - you view one ad and then that's it until the next time you use the application. Advertisers get some guaranteed eyeballs and, after the initial ad link, you see no more ads until your next session, etc. 

Screenshot, FastTubeScreenshot, FastTube

Searching for a video, browsing its details...

Screenshot, FastTubeScreenshot, FastTube

You can watch as-is (i.e. stream) or pick one of the download options at the bottom of the dialog. Here, this video is only available in 360p form - but hey, it's perfect for Symbian's nHD screen, so I tapped to download for offline watching.

Screenshot, FastTube

Watching happily... "Child in time" - classic!! (Note that this video was 4:3 format on YouTube - more modern widescreen clips would fill the screen better....)

Great to see our Symbian YouTube clients continually being kept up to date, anyway.

You can download the free, ad-supported version of FastTube here or buy the full version for £1.50 here in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store