CuteTube 1.4.1 matches YouTube changes... again!

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Yet again, Google has changed YouTube's APIs and yet again CuteTube has returned to availability, primed and ready to go. Version 1.4.1 is now available in the Nokia Store and comes highly recommended if you want more than the Google-provided HTML5 interface.

The quoted changelog for v1.4.1 is just:

  • Fix for YouTube playback/download errors.
  • Removed YouTube video tags, which are no longer provided by the YouTube API.
  • Removed some personal data from YouTube user profiles (age, gender, name), which are no longer provided by the YouTube API.

Here's CuteTube 1.4.1 in action:


I'd expect another small update along shortly, mind you - I did notice a few quirks in terms of the Qt-implemented main toolbar. Watch this space! Comments welcome about how CuteTube's now working for you - do you prefer it to the HTML5 interface?

Source / Credit: Nokia Store