Poddi Pocatcher updated to 1.1.1

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Poddi Podcatcher is one of the few (read - two) serious podcast clients for Symbian. Our recent review conclused by hoping for more development and addition of missing features. The developer has been hard at work on Poddi Podcatcher, bringing in many new features in version 1.1.0, and has gone on to push new features into the application along with version 1.1.1 in addition to many bug fixes.


From our review:

Poddi is only at version 1.0, so I expect to see more development or at least I hope there will be. As it stands, I feel there are a few basic podcatching options missing – particularly in the realm of automating the process of downloading content. I also experienced slow user interface performance and several crashes. This means I cannot recommend it yet, especially since Poddi costs £3.00 in the Nokia Store while Podcatcher is more functional and costs half as much. When Poddi improves its functionality and stability, its contemporary user interface could help it to win the day.


And here is the version 1.1.1 changelog:

Features added:
-  Progress indicator during feed refresh
-  It is now possible to stop a feed refresh before it has completed.
-  Compatible with Qt 4.8
-  Link to @ByteformApps (twitter.com/ByteformApps) Twitter feed on About page.  Follow this account for future updates on Poddi.

UI improvements:
-  Eliminated UI freezes during playback
-  Major performance improvements throughout UI

Bugs fixed since 1.1.0:
-  Fixed bug where home-screen episode counts (and download queue) would not update under Belle Refresh/ Qt 4.8
-  Fixed hang when starting with no network avaialble
-  Fixed constant re-downloading on refresh when attempting to parse Atom feeds
-  Fixed OPML importer to support wider range of outline formats, including some malformed ones
-  Support for multiple-redirects during feed fetch, and download
-  Fix percent-escaping error on redirected URLs (fixes bug with Radio France episode downloads)
-  Better determination of downloaded file name (fixes bug with 361 Degrees podcast)
-  Wider support for unusual date formats on episodes.
-  Check GUID before adding "new" episode to list (fixes bug with old ESPN feeds)
-  Change "User Agent:" string to one that doesn't cause a redirection to a mobile website that doesn't have the feed info (fixes bug with ZDF video podcasts)
-  Improved handling of non-Nokia Remote Control interfaces.
-  Fixed "Out of Memory" errors when attempting to download missing or damaged files
-  Removed UI glitches when updating current episode playback position