Gravity gets smoother scrolling on N8 and E7 (etc)

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I guess I'm getting a bit over-zealous at tracking the continuing improvements to Gravity for Symbian, but this update "Version 2.80 Build 7235 - 07 Nov 2012" seemed rather important as it hopes to fix scrolling problems on the Symbian^3 generation devices like the Nokia N8 and E7. Scrolling should now be smoother. And, if you haven't been following the Gravity beta track, now's the time to leap in, since there have been numerous new features and previewers over the last month or two. Download links below.

You can grab the right version of Gravity here or simply grab the N8/E7-compatible version's SISx file here

The changelog for this version (since the last full release, I assume) is:

New Feature: support

  • See your timeline, your mentions, friends and followers
  • Read the global stream, check out new users and follow them - if you like
  • Fetch threads or search for #hashtags
  • Preview images posted to just like you’re used to on Twitter

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Network Stack rewritten and optimized (for slow connections)
  • Screen rendering performance improved
  • On older S^3 phones (N8, C7, E7), the screen is rendered at 60 fps like on Belle FP2 phones
  • Foursquare: the “Map” button for your profile works again
  • Facebook: the “Send Message” button on friends’ profiles works again
  • tagging of URLs uploaded to is fixed
  • Integrated web browser improved for S^3, Anna & Belle
  • Twitter Profile view finally shows “FOLLOWS YOU” again
  • Profile view optimized - still not 100% fine on older S60v3 phones

Highly recommended. Jan Ole urges people to "please let me know if the scrolling on S^3 (N8, E7, C7) is better …" - follow him on Twitter and tweet him with your comments!

Jan Ole Suhr

Source / Credit: Gravity beta download