Gravity adds, Black toolbar and 'dim mode'...

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Gravity, the all-singing, all-dancing Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Reader (and more) social client for Symbian, has seen its beta track updated to v2.80 Build 7230. This adds support, a more reliable integrated browser, 'dim mode' (for night-time use), better Foursquare support and an optional black toolbar.

The full changelog for build 7230 is:

  • support and many bugs fixed
  • Network improvements
  • More reliable integrated browser
  • ‘Dim screen’ mode added for S^3 phones
  • Added Profile banner for Foursquare
  • Optional black toolbar (S60v5/S^3)


Gravity demonstrating some of its scope on my Nokia 808 PureView; and showing two of the new settings - loving the black toolbar, Jan Ole!

You can download Gravity 2.80 Build 7230 here. Comments welcome - I've always been a huge Gravity fan and it's the centre of my Symbian experience on any phone I pick up.

Source / Credit: Jan Ole on Twitter