qooRSS updated to 1.0.4 with kinetic scrolling

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Recently, we reviewed qooRSS, an alternative RSS reader and widget for Symbian devices. Our original review left us wanting more from the application. Fortunately, the team at qooApps have been working hard, while most of the changes aren't what we suggested in our review, one feature we did suggest is now present, and that is OPML import. Other changes are kinetic scrolling, copy to clipboard function, different widget modes, and a "smart tapping view".

From our original review:

I found myself disappointed with QooRSS, mostly because of its inability to import my feeds. However, its looks are now sadly dated, and anyone with a Symbian device should now have the scrolling RSS widget, either via the Homescreen Widgets application update, or firmware updates to Belle Refresh or Belle Feature Pack 2.

In the end, it just isn't worth buying an app that is inferior to features that are (now) built into your device.

QooRSS is in the Nokia Store for £1.00.


Source / Credit: SymbianTweet