Calendar fix from Belle FP2 starts rolling out to older devices

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Rolling out now to the Nokia N8 (Belle/Belle Refresh) generation of devices, and keeping up the theme of Nokia backporting bits of later OS and releasing via SW Update, is a simple 'Calendar fix', taking Symbian Calendar up to v10.6.2 and offering a fix for 'meeting requests'. Probably not a vital update for many people reading this, but noteworthy as a continuing indicator that, well over two years after first availability, the N8 is still getting updates.

Here's the update as it appeared on the editorial N8:


You can check on your device by going into SW Update. Remember that you may also see the 'SMS Update', which started rolling out a week or so ago. Both require the phone to be restarted, I believe.

This raft of updates, including the various 'homescreen widgets' updates, are part of equipping the older phones without messing around with firmware too much - it does seem as though the 'Belle Refresh' update pack was stopped officially and only reached a few product codes. Not worth getting too worked up over though, I think?