Poddi Podcatcher gets major update

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We recently reviewed Poddi Podcatcher, a new podcasting client for Symbian. While it looked great with its contemporary usre interface, there were a few issues that prevented it being recommended to our readers. Since then, however, the developer has given the application a massive overhaul in very little time. All of the issues and wishes in our review have been address, and lots more too. So, we think you should take a second look at our review and consider giving it a go on your handset! Here's the store link.


Poddi 1.1.0 Changelist:

Features added:
- OPML import: Read your existing subscriptions from Podcatcher, etc.  (Export not provided yet)
- Playback now has short-skip function (forward or back by e.g. 30/15 sec)
- Download manager allows multiple simultaneous downloads.
- Automatic download of new episodes
- Automatic deletion of old episodes
- Extensive settings UI to configure all of the above
- "All new", "Never Played" and "All Downloaded" episode lists added to front page
- Podcast feed summary can now be viewed (long-press on the podcast feed in "Your Podcasts")
- "Mark all old" feature for episode lists

UI Improvements:
- Download manager allows individual downloads to be paused, and resumed later.
- Choice to delete partially-downloaded files rather than continue downloading.
- Headset << and >> buttons now perform "Short skip" rather than "Next/previous episode"
- Download of single episode must now be confirmed - single tap shows episode summary, with option to download.
- Long-press menu added to items on podcast list ("Show summary, Check for updates, Download new, Mark all old, Unsubscribe")
- Download options improved: "Download new", "Download all" or "Download selected items"
- Delete options improved: "Delete old" added in addition to "Delete selected items"
- Add podcast button is now present on front page or podcast list.
- Long "Add podcast" button now shown only when podcast list is empty.
- "Now playing" preview, and "Current Episodes" lists now show podcast name as well as episode title.
- Various small cosmetic improvements.

Bugs fixed since 1.0.0:

-  Fixed hang/crashes when download requests are redirected to missing resources.
-  Fixed extreme slowdowns during playback.
-  Performance improvements in Unsubscribe function
-  Removed unstable behaviour and crashes when juggling multiple downloads
-  URLs that don't point at actual files, and URL targets that rename their content, now handled correctly.
-  Better support for RSS episode timestamps that don't conform to RFC-822/EN
-  Removal of damaged or non-existent item URLs from episode list
-  Unsubscribe now also deletes partially-downloaded items
-  Artwork fallback image is now always used when cover is missing.