Nimbuzz gets major update to v3.4.0, hits 100 million users

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The folks at Nimbuzz have announced a new release of the popular VoIP and multi-service IM client, v3.4.0, featuring chatrooms with location and language features, in addition to optimisations and the addition of Bengali language support. You may remember that Nimbuzz announced in 2010 that Skype could no longer be supported and also axed a number of older systems back in February, but the client is still a good way to access Facebook Chat, Yahoo, MSN, and Gtalk. In other news, Nimbuzz has, apparently, now hit 100 million users worldwide - congratulations!

From the blog announcement on the client update:

The much awaited and anticipated Symbian update is here! We appreciate the patience with which you have been looking forward to this release. In this release we have bundled many improvements along with cool features to make the Nimbuzz experience even better!

What is new in this release:

  • Chatrooms with Location & Language Filters
  • Touch improvements
  • Bengali language support
  • Feedback page

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The fastest way to download Nimbuzz is to go to in Web on your Symbian smartphone.

Also announced yesterday in a Nimbuzz media blitz was that the service now has over 100 million users worldwide, with growth shown in the infographic below:

100 million!

Source / Credit: Nimbuzz blog